Ultimate Guide to Getting A New Car Key

Ultimate Guide to Getting A New Car Key

May 23, 2021

Ultimate Guide to Getting A New Car Key

Perhaps you’ve lost your car keys, need a spare in case of lockouts, or your keys are damaged, and you're wondering how to get a new car key. Getting a new car key can be a hassle if you don’t know how to go about it. You should never use trial and error when getting a new car key, otherwise you’ll find yourself in the wrong hands. 
In this guide, we cover some of the ways to get a new car key. 

Call An Auto Locksmith

The next step is to call an experienced “auto locksmith near me” and let them make new car keys for you. Be sure to find an experienced locksmith with the ability to make keys for different vehicle models. Working with an auto locksmith can be cheaper than going to a car dealership or the vehicle’s manufacturer. The locksmith will require your vehicle identification number (VIN) to create new car keys. You can obtain this number from the front of the dashboard or in the auto insurance policy. The advantage of working with an auto locksmith is that they’re more likely to offer competitive prices. Besides, they can make new car keys for you in one visit. If you’re looking for an experienced “locksmith near me,” look no further than Fast Austin Locksmith. We are capable of making new keys for a wide range of vehicle models.  

Call A Car Dealership If The Auto Locksmith Is Unable To Make New Keys 

If an auto locksmith is unable to make new car keys for you for whatever reasons, you may have to reach out to a dependable car dealership. Some car keys for high-end vehicles can be quite sophisticated and tend to present a challenge when it comes to key duplication. Working with a car dealership can cost you more money, and it could take longer before you get your new car keys. Be sure to check a car dealership’s reviews online before hiring them for key making to avoid frustrations. 

Reach out to the vehicle's manufacturer ( If Necessary) 

If both an auto locksmith and a car dealership are not able to make new car keys, you'll have to contact your vehicle's manufacturer and have them make new keys for your vehicle. This is arguably the most expensive option, though some vehicle manufacturers offer discounts to make the cost more affordable for customers. Besides, it could take up to two weeks to get a new key from your vehicle’s manufacturers. That’s why you should only reach out to your vehicle’s manufacturer as a last resort. 

Call Fast Austin Locksmith For All Of Your Car Key Needs

If you find yourself needing new car keys, give us a call. Whether you’ve misplaced your car keys and you can’t seem to find them, or they're damaged, Fast Austin Locksmith has got you covered. We provide dependable car key services, including new key making, key replacement, car key repair, key fob programming, and many more.
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