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Are you a homeowner or landlord? Installing high-security locks on your doors improves the safety and security of your property. What’s the difference between a standard lock and a high-security variant? – many people have no idea of the difference between the two types.

Why Use High-Security Locks at Home?

High-security locks in Austin TX consist of durable materials resistant to damage, blunt force, or tampering by criminals trying to gain unauthorized access to your home. High-security locks installed by emergency locksmith services in Austin Tx feature telegraphic pins, making them a challenge to pick, bump or drill. The locks also feature steel rods and plates for extra strength, making burglars give up on their attempt to break into your home.

High Bumping and Pick Resistance

Typical standard locks are easy to pick, and most burglars can bypass a standard lock in a matter of minutes. Burglars are professional thieves, and they see every type of lock on the market, and they know how to open the lock. If a robber visits your home while you’re away or asleep, and notice high-security locks on all of your doors, the chances are that they will leave your home alone, and move on to another target.

Difficult to Duplicate Keys

We’ve all lost a house key at some point. Fortunately, most keys are easy to replace, and a visit to a locksmith is all it takes to make a copy of your key. Unfortunately, this means that you risk exposure to unethical people copying your key to use it to penetrate your home while you’re away.High-security locks are a different animal. You can’t cut a key for these types of locks without specialized equipment found at high-end locksmith specialists.

Track Keys in the Cloud

Most high-security lock manufacturers have a cloud-based key tracking system. This tracking system means that you have access to a database that stores all of the data on key duplication. If a criminal tries to duplicate your key, you’ll receive a notification before they have the chance to break into your home.

Savings in the Long-Run

High-security locks have a far longer service life than standard varieties. They withstand use and abuse, meaning that you have to spend less time worrying about maintenance and repairs to the lock.

Peace of Mind

With high-security locks installed on the doors in your home, you can sleep soundly knowing that your family is safe from criminals attempting to break into your home in the middle of the night. Since the locks are tough to break, you’ll probably wake up to the sound of thieves trying to crack the lock, giving you’re the opportunity and time to call a security company or the local police department.

Wrapping Up – Work with a Professional Locksmith Service

It’s best to leave the installation of your high-security locks to authorized professionals. Choose a locksmith service with plenty of experience in installing these locks, and always check their service record on social platforms before committing to an installation. A qualified locksmith can walk you through the selection of the ideal high-security lock for your home, allowing you to make an informed purchase decision.


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