Commercial Grade High-Security Locks in Austin

Whether in your home or your business, sometimes your standard lock just won’t do. Standard locks and keys can leave you open to a variety of security loopholes. When dealing with regular locks, keys can be copied, and locks can be picked, “bumped” open, or kicked in which means that your “secure” regular locks aren’t providing you the security you expect.

There are ways to avoid these gaps in your security, such as high-security door locks installed by Fast Austin Locksmith.

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Commercial High-Security Lock Installation and Repair

High-security deadbolt and door locks are different from the usual variety of locks installed in homes and businesses.

High-Security Keys Can Only Be Copied by a Professional

While most keys can be easily duplicated from the key itself or even a photograph of a key, a copy of a key for a high-security lock can’t be provided by anyone but those who hold a keycard for the patented locking system. This is only offered to licensed locksmiths certified for installation, so when you get a key back from a terminated employee or worker, you can rest easy in the knowledge that they didn’t have a copy of their key made before handing it on their way out.

High-security locks are also an excellent option for residential buildings that have occupants come and go, such as condominiums and rental homes, because if you get your keys back when the occupants leave, there’s no need for a costly re-keying of the locks.

Doors with High-Security Locks are Harder to Kick in

A specialized retaining bearing in high-security locks ensures that the lock won’t separate from the door frame. This helps to prevent brute force attacks where the door is merely kicked in. This feature is only present in high-security options.

High-Security locks are stronger and “bump” resistant

High-security locks and deadbolts are made differently than standard locks. They’re more substantial than a regular lock, made from much stronger materials and components, and designed to be exceedingly difficult to break into—resisting “bump” break-ins and picking.

Why Choose Fast Austin Locksmith

There are a lot of brands to choose from when it comes to high-security door locks and smart locks and a multitude of different models and makes to choose from. Fast Austin Locksmith has years of experience with high-security key and lock systems, which means we can help you select the exact look and function your home or business needs at a price you can afford.

Of course, even high-security locks are only as good as their installation, and that’s where Fast Austin Locksmith comes through for its customers with a dedication to quality that shows with every lock installed.

Don’t take any unnecessary risks with your family or investment by trusting them to lower quality locks. High-security locks and deadbolts can save you heartache and money, and you’ll get only the best with Fast Austin Locksmith. Get in touch today for a free quote.

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