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Need panic bars installed on emergency exits?
Looking to replace push bar in your door?

We want to make sure that you are choosing the ones most appropriate for the safety and security of your occupants. That’s why we’ll customize your exit locks to best suit you and your commercial building.


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Panic Bars & Standalone Alarms in Austin

Exit door push bars, or panic bar doors, are a convenience for those that use your building, but they’re also much more than that. While they provide an easy way to exit a building while keeping the facility locked from the outside, they also serve a valuable function during potential emergency situations and could save you money as well!

Most emergency crash bar systems are equipped with an automatic alarm system, alerting the proper personnel every time one is opened. This can reduce the response time to unauthorized use of the door as well as literally sounding the alarm in case of an actual emergency locksmith.

However, there are panic bar installation options with no alarm available as well, because no two businesses have the same needs. This is why you need the help of a company that will customize your installation to fit exactly what’s needed. You need Fast Austin Locksmith.

Exit Panic Bar Installation Service in Austin, TX

Some door exit bar installations are more for the ease of use of those leaving your building and might not have an alarm system installed. However, there are many different situations where you may want the appropriate staff to be notified if a door is opened.

There are many different styles of crash bar door systems available, from the traditional crossbar style panic bars that are widely used to the lesser-used vertical panic bars. The exact type and style that you want or need can be determined with help from Fast Austin Locksmith. We have knowledge and experience with installing a large variety of different types of exit door push bar systems. As a result, we can recommend and install exactly what you need at a price that won’t break your budget.

A significant business benefit of having emergency push bar systems installed on your doors is the savings on your insurance premiums. In Texas, your business insurance will be less expensive with this type of installation. The facility is assessed a lower premium, as emergency crash bars make your building much safer, lowering the potential for injury or loss of life in the event of an emergency.

Many municipalities have requirements in their fire codes that make the installation of emergency crash bar doors mandatory, but you can be fully compliant with the highest quality installation available with Fast Austin Locksmith.

Standalone Alarm Installation Service in Austin, TX

Even if you have the proper crash bar installations, you may still need a standalone alarm system. Fast Austin Locksmith can help you choose a system that does exactly what you need it to do, helping you avoid paying for more features than you need. An installation is usually straightforward, with many standalone alarm systems operating wirelessly, avoiding any wiring or complicated setup processes.

If you want the greatest protection and security available for the lowest cost and the least amount of hassle, Fast Austin Locksmith has the training, experience, and qualified staff to make your building secure at the most affordable price on the market today.

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