Easy Ways to Program & Replace Car Remotes

Easy Ways to Program & Replace Car Remotes

Apr 29, 2021

Easy Ways to Program & Replace Car Remotes

Car remotes, or key fobs and transponders, used to be considered high-tech a couple of decades ago. Prospective car owners would search for and pay premiums for cars that came with these remote features. Nowadays, practically all new cars come with key fobs or transponders. As such, there are plenty of services and products available that are tailored for the car remotes. No longer do you necessarily have to go to a car dealer to program and/or replace car remotes. Locksmiths like Fast Austin Locksmith as well as other facilities offer these services as well. We will go over some options here. If you have any specific questions or concerns, or if you would like to save time and hire a locksmith, then feel free to call Fast Austin Locksmith any time. We are always happy to help.

Where to Replace Car Remotes

Let’s start with replacements. If you have lost a car remote or had it stolen, then there are several options. 
You already know that you can head to your local dealership and sometimes must head to the dealership if the key fob is unavailable for sale by third parties, but there are drawbacks. Dealerships often charge the highest prices, they rarely provide mobile service, and your key type may not be available.
You can also head over to the local auto parts store. Again, you will likely have to drive to their location as they seldom offer mobile services. You also don’t get to enjoy professional insight like you would at the dealership. However, prices are more affordable and employees can offer some helpful information.
There is also the option of ordering the car remote online. This method offers the most variety of choice but there is a big risk as well: buyer’s remorse. The remote might be fake, faulty, or not even arrive. This is usually the cheapest option but you get what you pay for.
Finally, you can call a professional locksmith. Most locksmiths offer mobile services, meaning they can come to your location. Technicians are also educated on remote types and can troubleshoot your keys for other issues.

Programming Car Remotes

The beauty of key fobs is that they allow you to lock, unlock, and even start your vehicle from a distance. This requires advanced technology, though. Key fobs communicate with the vehicle using specific codes and frequencies. When the two go out of sync, they need to be reprogrammed to match. So, how can you program your key fob?
Thanks to the internet, there is very little that you cannot learn online. There are plenty of DIY tutorials online that show you how to reprogram the keys. Even your owner’s manual may have directions.
If you prefer to save time, then consider hiring a locksmith or calling your dealership. The professional mobile locksmiths at Fast Austin Locksmith, for example, have the experience and equipment to handle car remote programming quickly and affordably. We are available around the clock to take requests, so do not hesitate to call.